New!!! Introducing coffee aged in whiskey, cognac and tequila barrels. 

We've barrel aged our specialty coffee over the past two months to infuse

the most incredible flavors. Purchase whole roasted beans, bottles and

sample packs from the SHOP page. You've never tasted anything like this!

We source the highest quality organic, fairly traded beans from around the world and then roast them to achieve the perfect balance of taste, aroma and complexity. 

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Why Age Coffee Beans in Barrels

We love coffee and retaining its freshness is paramount. We're actively updating our new website to provide more information :)

Aging coffee beans in used liquor barrels results in their absorbing the myriad flavors and aromas remaining in the wood after the liquor is removed. After a few weeks of aging,  you can taste the difference.

Our Unique blend of coffee beans