Whiskey: a corn (bourbon), rye, barley or wheat based spirit, usually aged in charred oak barrels. 

Whiskey was traditionally made from rye grain until Prohibition, after which corn became the primary ingredient and bourbon proliferated. Bourbon has a smoother flavor vs rye's spicier notes.

Tequila: an agave based spirit from Mexico.

​We use a 100% blue agave based tequila barrel to infuse the purest form of tequila into our coffee beans. This is perhaps the most nuanced of our barrel aged coffees, as the flavor compounds from blue agave are light and floral. We imagine this is what coffee tastes like on Pandora.

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Cognac: a variety of distilled wine, also known as brandy, made

in France and named after town of Cognac, France.

Specific grapes must be used and the wine must be distilled two times in copper pots. The distilled wine is then aged at least two years in French oak barrels that source their oak from either the Limousin or Troncais regions of France.

Cognac barrels are toasted, not charred, on the inside. This imparts notes from the French oak reminiscent of caramel and spices that compliment the sweet notes of fruit from the grapes. 

Barrel Aging: The Art of Rock and Roll...

Our aging process uses toasted and charred oak barrels that we load with green coffee beans. We then rock and roll the barrels around our warehouse. We like to condition our beans by playing music that will impart the flavor we're looking for. Want nutmeg? Play Tchaikovsky. Want cinnamon? Play Gwen Steffani or Beyoncé. For brown sugar, well, that would be The Rolling Stones.

The Art of Barrel Aging...