PHILOÇOFFIA was born from the idea that the taste of freshly roasted coffee beans can be preserved longer with the unique protective characteristics of coconut oil. By combining a thin coating of coconut oil with appropriate packaging, the fresh taste of roasted coffee is retained longer. 

Better than ONly using Air-Tight Bags

currently, only packaging and inert gases are used to prevent oxidative decay of the flavor compounds in coffee, but they are far from perfect. Even air-tight bags have de-gassing valves that allow outside oxygen to interact with roasted beans.

retains oils

no bag or gas within packaging can prevent the oils from escaping the bean and ending up coating the inside of the bag. This results in less flavorful coffee and an oily bag. Coconut oil is a semi-solid at room temperature and is able to reduce the amount of oil that escapes from within the beans. 

Flavor enhancer

you'll notice a WONDERFUL aroma and flavor that has a touch of "umami". umami is the fifth pilar of taste, also known as "savory". This reduces the bitterness and acidity while not overpowering the unique "terrior" of the specialty coffee beans.

Coconut oil is rich in Medium chain triglycerides (MCT's)

The light "sheen" on top of your brewed paleo coffee is from the MCT's. Research shows that MCT's, which are found in abundance in coconut oil, help to reduce hunger, burn more calories during metabolism and provide a natural short term increase in energy. in fact, it is recommended to include MCT's in a healthy lifestyle to maintain or even lose weight over time.

Our unique blend of organically grown, FAIRLY traded coffee beans

we believe the highest quality coffee must come from the best beans, grown without unnecessary pesticides. However, organic certification alone doesn't mean the coffee is actually high quality, so we taste as many kinds of beans until we can create a wonderful blend that has the full body of a darker roast but still retain the unique complexity of a light and medium roast. We usually use around 6 types of beans from south america, asia and Africa. depending upon the season and how nature has effected the coffee bean crops, you'll notice some subtle differences. 

PHILOÇOFFIA is a story from nature that is not read aloud, but one that is tasted.

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